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SnackaholicsHave you ever been sitting at home wanting a snack? But, you either don't feel like putting on pants or makeup or in general just seeing people? That's me, literally every Sunday.

SnackaholicsSo, when I had a flyer delivered to my apartment a few months ago promoting "Snackaholics," I was intrigued. This company delivers snacks of all sorts - ice cream, candy bars, chips, even frozen pizza rolls - right to your door. There's no major upcharge, delivery is just $1, and it's quick. I honestly don't know how they're making money on this (and no, they didn't give me anything free to write this - ugh missed opportunity).

SnackaholicsSnackaholics is open from noon to 3 a.m. and there is a coupon code that waives the $1 delivery charge if you sign up - just type "WELCOME" in the discount box.


Anyway, I threw a couple items in my cart and paid via Paypal. I got a confirmation, then a text from my driver just a few minutes later. And, within 20 minutes of me placing my order online, I had tasty snacks at my door. The driver also noted that if I order four more times, I will get free snacks. AND, I got an extra snack in this bag because it's a special they're running all summer.

SnackaholicsSo, this cute little bag shows up - which is kinda fun. It's like a mini Christmas.

SnackaholicsAnd, I got a free Cowtail. Not too bad. Here's my loot:

SnackaholicsSo, it's a pretty good deal. I'm guessing they buy in bulk and then portion it out to make money. Plus, the hot fries are a small pack for .99 cents. But, hell, if I can get ice cream delivered to me, I'm willing to pay the $6 price. And, as far as I can tell, there's no delivery minimum. Just a couple bucks to trip the delivery driver and seems like a good deal to me!

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