Wheeling Edition: Valley Cheese

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Valley CheeseMaking my way through Centre Market, I stumbled upon Valley Cheese.

Valley CheeseValley Cheese is a cheese counter with lots of other odds and ends, too - cookies, meats, sandwiches, prepared cold salads, and hot dogs.

Valley Cheese
Cheese is one of my passions in life, so I needed to try something here.

Valley Cheese
While the sandwiches all sounded good, I wanted something a bit lighter.

Valley CheeseAfter looking around the case, I really wanted to buy like an entire wheel of cheese. But, in a rare moment of self-restraint, I resisted.

Valley CheeseInstead, I went for a small platter of cheese and salami.

Valley CheeseThe platter I choose had baby swiss, pepperjack and a pepper colby too. They also threw in some honey mustard and some crackers! Very accommodating.

Valley Cheese

And yummy! I loved the spicy cheese, and it was a nice little sampler for just $5. I would have this for lunch often if I lived here!

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