Follansbee Edition: Santina's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Santina / Frank Pastry

There's usually no contest for pizza when I go home: It's DiCarlo's every time.

Santina / Frank Pastry

Well, except for this time.

Santina / Frank Pastry

Santina's is a pizza place in Follansbee that also tops their pizzas with cheese after the crust and sauce had baked. And, my father suggested it's nearly as good as DiCarlos.

Santina / Frank Pastry

So, we got 20 pieces with extra cheese and mushrooms.The restaurant itself has a few booths that you could dine-in, but I took mine home so by the time I got there, the cheese was lightly melted.

It's very similar, but my heart always belongs to DiCarlos. Have you tried it?

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