Morgantown Edition: 3-0- PHO To Go

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

3-oh-pho to go

Food trucks are always super exciting to me, and a new one serving up pho and banh mi has entered the Morgantown scene.

3-oh-pho to go3-0-PHO to Go is such a clever name, and they are finding their way all over town.

3-oh-pho to goThe combos are a good way to try a few different items. I ordered "The Pho Sho," which is half a banh mi and a small pho plus a water.

3-oh-pho to goIt gets all packaged up and ready to go. Pho plus sauces & lime.

3-oh-pho to goAnd banh mi!

3-oh-pho to goHave you tried it?

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