Morgantown Edition: Quantum Bean Coffee

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Quantum Bean Coffee

One brand new coffee shop, Quantum Bean Coffee, has opened up in the South Park/Greenmont neighborhood of Morgantown.

Quantum Bean CoffeeThese folks have been producing coffee for some time now, but their shop is new.

Quantum Bean Coffee
Quantum Bean Coffee is a Micro Roaster of specialty coffee in the hills of West Virginia. We are focused on bringing the freshest and finest specialty coffee to the area. We take great care in sourcing our coffees responsibly and building relationships with the farmers of our coffees.

Quantum Bean CoffeeLots of locally crafted artwork and jewelry are available in the shop. How cool is that?

Quantum Bean CoffeeI ordered an Americano with a shot of caramel.

Quantum Bean CoffeeHave you been?

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