Sunday, November 11, 2018

Charleston Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World - Yeager Airport

Yeager Airport - Tudor’s

My first time flying out of Charleston had me a bit on edge. I've really only flown from large airports, so I was cautious.

Yeager Airport - Tudor’sBut my fears were put to ease when I saw a Tudor's Biscuit World IN THE AIRPORT. I'm sure not too many places can claim that.

Yeager Airport - Tudor’sAnd since I've tried most of the Tudor's in the Charleston area at this point, the airport was no exception.

Yeager Airport - Tudor’sAnd, I'll tell you what. This may be the fluffiest biscuit I've had yet. I'm looking forward to my next trip - if for no other reason than I will be sure to stop here as part of tradition now.

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