Dunbar Edition: Cafe Crema

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Cafe CremaI went to Cafe Crema when it was located on the West Side of Charleston, but it moved to Dunbar and expanded some of its offerings.

Cafe CremaIt's cute!

Cafe CremaCafe Crema was the perfect spot to get some work done, so I started off with a drink. They were advertising a peanut butter & jelly frappuccino, and that sounded fun.

Cafe CremaAnd for some lunch, I ordered the Big Dipper, which is not something I'd typically go for. It had cheddar and feta cheese, ham, salami, black olives on wheat bread with 1000 island dipping sauce.

Cafe Crema

First, the drink really did taste like peanut butter - not heavy on the jelly. But definitely nutty.

Cafe CremaAnd this sandwich has become one of my all-time favorites! I'll be getting it again and again.

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