Scottsdale, AZ Edition: Flower Child

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Flower Child

There was one vegetarian in our group trip, and it's kind of a bummer that more restaurants don't cater to these folks and instead phone in a vegetarian dish.

Flower Child
That's not the case at Flower Child, who specifically creates meals for vegetarians and vegans, and if you want meat, it's an add-on.

Flower ChildSo we dedicated this restaurant to Sam since she put up with all of our other culinary adventures from the week.

Flower ChildAnd while I'm not a carnivore, I didn't have high expectations because I had never been to a restaurant like this before. But, wow, was I surprised.

Flower ChildI ordered the vegan poke, which came with marinated beet, avocado, pickled mushroom, cucumber, radish, wasabi pea, smoked dulse, brown rice, spicy ponzu and I added a salmon fillet.

Flower ChildThis was incredible and full of flavor! There was citrus and zing and umami and crunch and a slight sweetness. So delicious! I ate nearly every last bit. If I could eat like that every day, I could go (mostly) vegan. The salmon was just bonus!

Flower Child

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