Cincinnati, OH Edition: Holtman Donuts

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Holtman Donuts

I think every city has ~that~ donut place that is a favorite. In Cincinnati, it's Holtman Donuts.

Holtman DonutsHoltman Donuts had a quick line, so I'm glad we beat the crowd.

Holtman DonutsHoltman's Donuts, located in Loveland, Over the Rhine, West Chester and Williamsburg, is a family shop that opened in 1960 by Charles Holtman. Holtman's Donuts is now owned by Charles' daughter Toni and her husband Chuck (Loveland & Williamsburg). Their son Danny has continued the family business with his wife, Katie, with the opening of the Over the Rhine location. Their daughters, Lorrie and Becky, also works in the shops, making  this business a family one.

Committed to the old fashioned way Holtman's Donuts are created from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. From a family shop to your family's table, enjoy a scrumptious donut. 

Holtman Donuts

We strive to retain our old fashioned ways. Recipes are not written down in a book or on a bag but engraved into the minds of the three generations of bakers. There is an art form to the type of baking that we still use. Each dough is hand weighed with a bakers scale. The dough, while mixing is not timed but watched with a trained eye for the right texture and appearance. Along with the doughs, our icings, glaze, custard, white cream are also produced from scratch. Needless to say, a lot of time and patience goes into creating our family legacy.

Holtman Donuts

They had all sorts of creative donuts - ones topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles or Lucky Charms.

Holtman Donuts

I went for a maple bacon one, which is one of their top sellers.

Holtman Donuts

Which would you choose?

Holtman Donuts

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