Cincinnati, OH Edition: Taste of Belgium

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

A taste of Belgium

Cincinnati is a major city that's just a few hours outside of Charleston.

A taste of Belgium

So, I recently took a weekend trip there with my friend, Dawn.

A taste of BelgiumAnd, of course, restaurants were the top thing on my mind!

A taste of BelgiumOne of the first place that came up as a "must-try" each time I searched was "Taste of Belgium."

A taste of BelgiumThis waffle restaurant was known for their authentic Belgian waffles:

A taste of Belgium

Each waffle is baked individually in a specialized cast iron press, just like they were centuries ago by master cooks in the city of Liège, Belgium. We have perfected an old family recipe, passed down for generations, to bring you the taste and authenticity of a true Belgian favorite. Unlike other waffles, they are made from thick dough and a coarse Belgian beet sugar that caramelizes inside the waffle iron. The secret to a good waffle is a good waffle iron. We do not make a good waffle, we make the best waffle and our waffle deserved the best waffle iron.

A taste of BelgiumEven Guy Fieri has made his way to Taste of Belgium.

A taste of BelgiumThe interior is bright, modern and cozy.

A taste of BelgiumThe menu is varied and every bit of it looked delicious. Under the classics, though, was "waffle and chicken" and it was calling my name.

A taste of BelgiumFirst off, I had no idea what a Belgian waffle was supposed to taste like until now - they're small, dense, sweet and crisp on the edges. Absolutely phenomenal. I never was a big fan of waffles because those massive, mushy things just don't do it for me. This, however, as phenomenal. The spicy chicken on the side was the perfect combo of spicy and sweet.

A taste of BelgiumI also got a side of goetta, which is a meat and grain sausage with German inspiration that's popular in the Cincinnati area. I thought it was tasty - not too dense or greasy.

A taste of BelgiumDawn went a more traditionally sweet route, which I snuck a bite of. All of it was delish.

Taste of Belgium - Findlay Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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