Clarksburg Edition: Oliverio's Cash & Carry

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Oliverio’s cash & carry

Oliverio's is a hometown shop that sells a variety of goods: snacks, pepperoni rolls, Oliverio style peppers, etc.

Oliverio’s cash & carry

D'Annunzio's is not a bread you can find everywhere, so it's excited to see it on shelves in this neck of the woods.

Oliverio’s cash & carry

The peppers are the mainstay here. They were born from this shop into a full-blown business that can be found in most Italian kitchens in the state.

Oliverio’s cash & carry

They come in all different styles and are the perfect complement to pastas, sandwiches, pepperoni rolls and more. Which is your favorite?

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