Morgantown Edition: Iron Horse Tavern - University Town Centre

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Iron Horse - university town centre

You know I can never pass up shrimp & grits!

Iron Horse - university town centre

Iron Horse Tavern is arguably one of the more successful restaurant that has popped up in Morgantown over the past five years. So successful, in fact, they've opened a second location at the University Town Centre.

Iron Horse - university town centreThe location, which looks similar to the downtown spot, has wooden accents, dark chairs and booths, and local art all over the walls.

Iron Horse - university town centreThe menu is the same, save for no brunch at this location. That said, it's still a bit different from the last time I visited, so I was excited to try some new items.

Iron Horse - university town centreWe started with an appetizer of house-fried chips, which come with a bacon & sour cream dip!

Iron Horse - university town centreAnd, I ordered a "Who Tarted? Berliner Weisse" from Stumptown Ales to start. "Golden in color, this weisse has a rich & tart flavor." The sour beer had me hooked!

Iron Horse - university town centreAs we were all perusing the menu for our main meals, we saw the "Impossible Burger," which has been highly praised for being a nearly identical substitute to meat - but it's made with wheat protein, potato protein, and coconut oil.

Iron Horse - university town centreWe got one that we all tried, and honestly, I couldn't tell the difference. I was really trying to pinpoint some unique differences or get that "veggie burger" taste, but if you told me that was a regular burger, I would believe you. And Vicki & Steve felt the same. Look below, it even looks like a real burger!

Iron Horse - university town centreVicki and Steve ordered regular burgers for their main meals, so they compared and contrasted a bit. Vicki said the real burger is a bit thicker and the texture is a bit different. But not by much. Below is the real burger.

Iron Horse - university town centreI went with the shrimp and grits etouffee. It came with a corn cake and this veggie gravy. Mm!

Iron Horse - university town centre

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