Ripley Edition: Edna & Pearl's Country Bistro

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Edna & Pearls

Edna & Pearl's Country Bistro is a cute little shop that also serves homestyle meals.

Edna & Pearls
They sell locally made products and goodies, like JQ Dickinson and honey sticks.

Edna & PearlsAnd they have sandwiches and daily suppers.

Edna & PearlsIt has a very homey vibe, with the family actually sitting at the table eating a meal of their own when I came in.

Edna & PearlsI ordered a "steakburger," which is a burger, and you can pick your bread & toppings. I went with bricohe, topped with havarti, sweet peppers and mayo. Plus a side of pasta salad and "Milky Way" cake.

Edna & PearlsThe patty was thick and the toppings went perfectly with it!

Edna & PearlsThe pasta salad was a light accompaniment - including kale!

Edna & PearlsAnd who can say no to cake?

Edna & PearlsHave you been?

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