Wardensville Edition: Star Mercantile

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Star Mercantile

Star Mercantile is an antique shop, local goods store and restaurant all wrapped up into one.

Star MercantileThey even have the shop across the road which has even more goodie inside.

Star MercantileBut I stopped by quickly to get some snacks for my upcoming train ride later in the day.

Star MercantileYou order at the counter, find a seat, then they bring your food.

Star MercantileThe menu features hearty breakfasts, broasted chicken, hot dogs, burgers, and sandwiches.

Star MercantileFor something portable, I went for "The Patwich," -- Not your ordinary grilled cheese. Made with potato bread, cheese, butter & love.

Star Mercantile
While waiting for it to cook, I looked around at the local products, antiques and more. This was perfect for my trip!

Star MercantileHere's a quick snap of the Trough, where we saw three eagles!

Wardensville Garden Market
And the last state park I had to check off my list.

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