Saturday, April 6, 2019

Ripley Edition: Cozumel Mexican Restaurant


Cozumel has a location in Charleston, but when I was visiting my boyfriend recently, I decided to check out the location in Ripley.

They have a little shop, which is neat.

CozumelAfter a short wait, I was seated at a booth and looked over the menu.

CozumelMy first goal: queso dip.

CozumelMy second goal: Find a burrito covered in queso.

CozumelI ordered the Burrito De Lujo - which has grilled shrimp, onions, mushrooms, rice & beans and topped with cheese dip.

CozumelGoals = accomplished.

CozumelBut I wasn't finished.  I also got a Mexican sundae. Mmmm.

What's your favorite thing here?

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