Atlanta, GA Edition: El Taco Veloz

By Candace Nelson - 8:56 PM

Tacos Velos - Buford Highway

Atlanta's Buford Highway is known for having restaurants featuring cuisines from every corner of the globe.

Tacos Velos - Buford Highway

With everything from Vietnamese and Korean to Colombian and Peruvian, the Buford Highway restaurant that stuck out to me was El Taco Veloz. Apparently Anthony Bourdain had said: "Best tacos in town. We love to stick with the barbacoa and the lengua. You’ll get two corn tortillas stuffed with slow roasted meat, white onions and cilantro."

Tacos Velos - Buford Highway

So, I ordered the lengua. That is beef tongue for those keeping track. Tongue is a tough cut of meat so it has to be cooked for quite some time to make it tender. it is kind of rich and fairly fatty, but it does have a bit of gamey flavor. not my favorite, but not the worst.

Tacos Velos - Buford Highway

Grade: B

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