Atlanta, GA Edition: King of Pops

By Candace Nelson - 11:13 PM

King of pops

"King of Pops started with a couple thousand bucks, a used ice cream pushcart, and a whole lot of luck. Our success is due to amazing community support (which we’ve received since day one). We do our best to respond to that support with love, gratitude, and some laughs," reads the website.

King of pops

This popsicle spot has made more than 500 different flavors that are all between 3-5 ingredients. Blueberry lemonade, strawberries & cream, thai iced tea, peach, key lime pie and so much more.

King of pops

I had a super refreshing banana pudding pop. I know it's the south, but this is the first one I've ever seen. So, this was delish. Indulgent, but fresh.

King of pops

Grade: A

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