A Taste of Talent Reception at the Coliseum Parlor Club

By Candace Nelson - 9:38 PM

Employee Culinary Challenge: A Taste of Talent - 1

I was so fortunate this evening to be able to attend the Taste of Talent reception at the Coliseum. This event showcases some of the culinary talent at the facility. A total of six groups dished out tasty bites as part of a competition. The winning team gets to have their dish featured on the Parlor Room menu. The Parlor Room is an exclusive VIP area for select ticket holders where you can relax, enjoy drinks, and have some tasty food. One of the dishes I had tonight will soon be on the menu. My first dish of the night was a vegetable stuffed puff pastry with a Sriracha sauce. Then, I moved onto street tacos with a side of street corn. Next up was a gyro kebab with tzatziki sauce as well as a potato, Boursin and crab croquette covered in butter and honey. Afterward, I was able to try a cheeseburger eggroll with a special sauce, as well as a jalapeño popper with its own sauce. Following that, I had a taco, cornbread, cupcake, which could be topped with pico de gallo, lime, cilantro, and cheese. They also had a goat cheese and preserve bite in raspberry or blackberry that could be topped with honey. Finally, I ended with a PO of Cuban themed bites: a Cuban slider, churro and an empanada. The Cuban sandwich, churro & empanada won the people's choice award. The bacon cheeseburger egg roll and jalapeno poppers won the judge's choice award.

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