Atlanta, GA Edition: Saint Germain French Cafe & Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 9:36 PM

St Germain

Founded by husband and wife team Heather and Mathieu Jourdan-Gassin, Saint Germain French Cafe & Bakery opened in Old Fourth Ward’s historic Ponce City Market in 2016. Both Southerners at heart - Mathieu from the French Riviera and Heather from Decatur, GA - this duo shares a passion for bringing a little slice of Paris (with a dash of Southern hospitality!) to Atlanta, reads their website.

St Germain

Croissants, eclairs, macarons, tarts, quiche and sandwiches grace the elegant menu. There's truly something special about a dessert case full of beautiful creations that are delicate and colorful.

St Germain

I was immediately drawn to the bright yellow "lemon drop." Fresh flavors, soft mousse.

St Germain

I would love to try every one of their fruit desserts - the cherry, the peach - because I'm sure they are amazing, too.

St Germain

Grade: A

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