Myrtle Beach, SC Edition: Big Mike's Soul Food

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 PM

Big Mike’s Soul Food

Big Mike's Soul Food
in Myrtle Beach was quite the experience. I placed a pick-up order online and then pulled up to the restaurant. That's really where the adventure began. 

Big Mike’s Soul Food

"Big Mike’s Soul Food is Myrtle Beach’s down home spot dishing up big plates of southern comfort food as well as southern hospitality. We have a variety of dishes that are sure to fill up your soul. Some of our staples include: fried chicken, collard greens, fried fish, corn bread and much more. On your way out the door we want you to remember Big Mike’s as: Soul Food the way his mother made it!"  

Big Mike’s Soul Food

Once I arrived, I saw a huge line. Surely, these were people waiting to order, right? Negative. These were people who already ordered and were waiting for their food. After waiting for what was easily an hour, I received my plate and left the crowded lot to dig in.

Big Mike’s Soul Food

While my breaded shrimp were a bit lackluster - not super flavorful and a bit mushy - the sides were all delicious. The mac and cheese has melted cheddar on top, the potato salad was creamy but zingy, and the sweet potatoes were sweet and soft and delicious. 

Grade: B

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