J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile - May

By Candace Nelson - 8:15 PM

JQD - may

Check out this month's J.Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile Subscription Box for May.

Beer Mustard from Crookeed Condiments: These mustards are made in Asheville, NC from local Highland Brewing Company Beers and whole mustard seeds. They are delicious on sandwiches, added to dressings and marinades, or served with your favorite charcuterie items. The Saint Terese's Ale has a touch of horseradish, the Oatmeal Porter has a rich, full bodied flavor, and the Gaelic Ale has a touch of sweetness.

Kettle Corn from Scragglepop: Founded in Huntington, West Virginia. This sweet, salty, and crunchy popcorn pairs the simple ingredients of salt, sugar, and oil perfectly to create a treat for your sweet tooth!

Dried Mushrooms from Hernshaw Farms: George Patterson started Hernshaw Farms in 2018 using reclaimed mine land. His business has been very successful. These dried varieties are delicious and are great to have in the pantry to add flavor to your meals. Rehydrate in stock and add to soups, stews, and sauces. Three varieties: Lions Mane, Oysters, or a mushroom Medley, which include Lions Mane, Oyster and Shiitake.

Toilet Elixir from Turdcules: Somewhere in the wilderness, there’s a gristly man harnessing the power of wood and steel to bring warmth and light to his world. He’s powerful, bearded and his sh*t doesn’t stink. While we hold no remedy for weak grips and smooth upper lips, Turdcules’ Log Splitter Toilet Elixir will shower your olfactory receptor neurons with the sweet aroma of leather, hard-work and coniferous trees.

Chocolate Caramels from Postre: From pure organic cane sugar to locally sourced cream and organic cultured butter, every bit of caramel that leaves our kitchen is proudly hand-crafted using traditional methods and the purest ingredients.

... Plus a soap I need to open!

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