Huntington Edition: Boujee Boards by Roz

By Candace Nelson - 7:38 PM

Boujee boards by Roz

There's a new charcuterie board in town - Huntington, that is.

Boujee boards by Roz

Boujee Boards by Roz delivers charcuterie goods and more right to your door. Or, in my case, we met at the Aldi parking lot since I'm a little far away. 

Boujee boards by Roz

I put in an order for a lil boujee. I told her to nix any dark chocolate or grapefruit, and we should be all good. 

Boujee boards by Roz

The box had all the accoutrements, like bamboo cutlery, pretzels, crackers and moist towelettes. Some of my favorites from this box include macarons, the delicious little sweet and sour pickles, and an awesome mix of fresh fruit - raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwis, blueberry, oranges. Some of the cheeses had some kick to them - like the jalapeno havarti and especially the ghost pepper gouda. I had to have some water nearby for that one! But, love these as per usual and always appreciate the creativity.

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