Myrtle Beach, SC Edition: Peaches Corner

By Candace Nelson - 8:03 PM

Peaches Corner

Peaches Corner
says it's one of the most historic restaurants on the Grand Strand.

Peaches Corner

"Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach has seen a lot of changes over the years. Ripley’s sits where Sloppy Joe’s used to serve hot dogs and Bingo. The lights and sounds of the Pavilion vanished a decade ago. But some things haven’t changed.

​One of those is Peaches Corner, a small restaurant that has occupied the intersection of Ninth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard for over 85 years. The family-owned icon has served food at all hours of the day to generation after generation of visitors and locals, alike. Visitors often use Peaches Corner as a means of giving directions on Ocean Boulevard. It was started right here in Myrtle Beach back in 1937 by Peach Justice or Mama Peach as she was known to everybody in town. There were actually three of them— one in Myrtle Beach, one on Folly Beach and one on Carolina Beach in North Carolina. This is the only one that has lasted since then.

Eunice and Johnny Burroughs purchased the small restaurant on the corner in 1943 and it’s been in our family ever since. And now three generations, soon to be four, have served foot long hot dogs, cold beer and a variety of other foods to millions of customers who have sat along the same counter and booths watching folks walk up and down the boulevard.

In the early ‘40s Peaches Corner thrived only during the summer months. They worked hard to pay off the mortgage on the building. When other businesses struggled to pay rent during the tough times, Peaches was always paid for. And to do that it meant everyone worked long hours during the summer months before the tourists went home. Eunice and Johnny worked seven days a week during that time. In the summer, they even lived upstairs. They always told the employees, nobody working at Peaches is allowed to get married or die during the summer...they needed all of the help they could get during the 90 days of summer."

Peaches Corner

This place is pretty busy, and a bit gruff. I welcomed myself to a seat at the bar, and it took a few to be acknowledged. I wanted to keep it simple - and cool. It was a warm day with lots of walking, so peach ice cream seemed fitting.

Peaches Corner

I ordered two scoops. They arrived in two separate containers with spoons. Which made it a little awkward for me to sit there and eat one right after the other. But, the ice cream itself was fine. There were a few hunks of actual ice in there, which was not my favorite. I enjoyed the light flavor, overall. 

Peaches Corner

Grade: B

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