Monday, June 20, 2011

Princeton Edition: Macado's Restaurant

Macado's is a southern WV favorite. I have never seen another or even heard of another Macado's besides the one in Bluefield, W.Va., but I am told they do exist. I hadn't heard of this Macado's until Chris mentioned it. I've found out that they exist in West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. And people love them.

One of the main draws of this restaurant is the novelty. And, it's open late. With a bar. The thing about Macado's is that it has a long, long menu with tons of sandwich choices. To be honest, this annoys me. The menu has dozens of creative sandwich names: Johnny Dee, Chicken Cordon Boo, Buffalo Bill, etc. But there is nothing creative about the actual sandwiches, and they all vary by one or two ingredients.

They have a couple types of bread, a couple types of meats, a couple types of cheese, a couple types of sauces, add lettuce and tomato, and you have every sandwich they offer. I also hate looking at a sandwich and thinking, "Mm that would be good without X." Well, they probably offer that sandwich under a completely different name on the opposite side of the menu. It's a little overwhelming to look at the menu and find something you truly like. It's too difficult to navigate. But I think that adds to the novelty.

Regardless, Chris and I went on a Saturday evening. It was one of the few places open late, and there are enough options to satisfy both of us. They have a handful of appetizers, salads, and other dinners, which include lasagna, macaroni and cheese and chicken parmesan. But honestly, if you go to Macado's and don't order a sandwich, it's a little weird. At least, that's the vibe I've gotten.

On this particular day, I was feeling something different so I ordered a "Buffalo Boo," one of the few sandwiches that doesn't come stock with lunchmeat. Instead, it had pulled barbecue pork topped with cole slaw on a kaiser roll. I also put in an order for a house salad. The waitress promptly came back, telling me they were out of the pulled pork. She handed me a menu to re-select. Now I was upset that not only did I not get the sandwich I wanted, but now I had to deal with that menu again.

Lackadaisically, I chose the "Chicken Cordon Boo," which had chicken breast, ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Pretty basic and, well, boring. Chris chose the "Cowpoke," which had chicken breast, cheddar, bacon, lettuce tomato, barbecue sauce on an onion bagel. All the sandwiches come with a pickle spear and a bag of chips. But you can also get potato salad or cole slaw. Since the potato chips are standard, I asked for the potato salad to change things up a bit. The waitress actually forgot, so I got both chips and the potato salad.

Anyway, my salad came out first, and I was pleased. I was actually in more of a salad mood anyway, so I was happy with the lettuce, tomato, cucumber topped with French dressing. The menu didn't actually list a french dressing or similar equivalent, but when I talked to the waitress she said that was her favorite. Luckily I asked or I wouldn't have known. The salad had some crisp bacon on top, which I wasn't expecting from house. It went perfectly with the french dressing. Veggies were fresh, but I wish I had more tomatoes.

Shortly thereafter, our food came out. My sandwich was stacked pretty high, but after my salad, I wasn't super hungry. I ate most of it the next day for lunch. I also took my leftover french dressing home and dipped the sandwich in that to give it some more "oomph." It was tasty. I can't really say anything bad about it, other than it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. If you want a good chicken sandwich, this place is good for what it is. Don't expect some culinary masterpiece, but appreciate a fine sandwich, and you'll be pleased.

Chris's sandwich looked good as well, and he devoured it, so I know he was happy. We didn't do dessert, even though the peanut butter pie looked delicious. Maybe we'll get that next time, with a side of "Hindenberg."

Grade: B
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  1. Omg. The peanut butter pie is AMAZING! I love it. It's not weird at all to order anything other than a sandwich. The only one I order is the honeymooner, but I am hardly ever in the mood for a sandwich. My friend and I get the honey barbeque wings and cheese fries. (Shredded cheese, not nacho cheese.)

    Their soup is good on cold winter days.

    I love Macado's.

  2. I definitely need to try the peanut butter pie. And, I'll have to look into those suggestions - they sound delicious! Thanks for your comment! =]