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By Candace Nelson - 2:25 PM

If you're looking for thin, New York-style pizza without conscience-awareness of the calorie count, the Original Pizzeria is the best place to go on this side of town. Located at 918 Chestnut Ridge Road, this small pizza shop is just a short walk from work, so a co-worker and I made the trip today for lunch.

The Original Pizzeria is located in a plaza with a Subway and a few other, less important stores. Thankfully, it is both close and delicious. The outside is nondescript, beyond a sign, and there is a large lot to park in. When you walk inside, there are only a handful of tables and booths, which aren't necessarily in the best shape. The decor is ... lacking, as is the menu, but that's okay. Their specialty, of course, is their pizzas. But they also have a couple calzones, hoagies and salads. But honestly, you shouldn't care. Get the pizza.

We put in our orders. I ordered a "small" pizza, which is 12" for $6. I also got mushrooms on it, another $1.25, as well as a coke. With tax, the total came to $9.28. Not shabby for two servings. After placing your order at the counter, you sit and wait. I grabbed my coke out of the cooler. Our pizza was done very quickly, though there was only one person working. He was taking orders and cooking. He cooks right behind the counter, so you can see your pizza in the oven and everything. Thankfully it wasn't busy in there, or I'd imagine the wait would be much longer.

Shortly after, the gentleman brought our two pizzas to us on large pans and a paper plate on the side. Typically, they call our your pizza and you walk up to get it. He was treating us, and we were sitting close. Eight large, thin pieces of pizza stared back at me. Gooey mozzarella and plump sliced mushrooms coated my pizza. The greasy, delicious pizza is second, in my book, only to Pizza Al's in Morgantown. If you like New York Style pizza that you can fold over and shovel in your mouth, you're good to go here.

Old-school without all the frills, this place just serves a good pie. You won't find delivery here. But, you haven't really experienced all the pizza offerings if you haven't gone here. I had about three slices and bagged the other 5 for later. The gentleman actually left boxes for us on the counter because he knew we weren't packing away a whole pizza. Smart man.

Grade: A 
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