Penny's Diner

By Candace Nelson - 11:53 AM

Located at Pierpont Landing, Penny's Diner is a little out of the way of the main restaurants in Morgantown. On the plus side, there is ample parking, and it's easy to get to. I met my friend Kayla, avid diner-goer, her boyfriend Michael and her friend Megan there for some grub Wednesday night.

I was meeting them there, so I was a little rushed as I walked in. As soon as you open the door, there's a stand with a hostess asking how many, etc., which is nice, considering this isn't what I expected for a diner. The interior is warm, comforting and very clean. There were dark accents of blue with the modern diner booths. The table stuck out over the edge so extra chairs could be added, too.

The menu features typical diner fare - breakfast, sandwich plates, some dinner plates. But Penny's also had a good portion of the menu devoted to Greek dishes. That's definitely different. I decided to be extra adventurous and try the "moussaka," a Greek classic specialty with ground beef with Greek seasonings, layered with eggplant, potatoes and baked in Bechamel sauce. For $14.99. Kayla got a breakfast plate with an omelet and potatoes. Michael and Megan both got gyros.

The dish came with a house salad. The veggies were fresh and crisp, but only boasted one tomato, two cucumbers slices and a few slices of onion. I had it topped with French dressing, which was good, but not homemade. Everybody else cleaned theirs up, though, so they were happy. I just wish I had more veggies to balance out the lettuce.
I was really excited for my dish to come out, because I really didn't know what to expect. Mine came out as a square layered lasagna with feta cheese, olives and a tomato on top. I also had a roll with butter on the side. The layers were eggplant, potato and finely chopped beef with delicious savory seasonings. It was really quite tasty. The meal with kind of heavy, but it fgelt light at the same time. The feta cheese added just the right amount of of flavor and lightness to the heavy, starchy potato and meat. The eggplant kept the meal solid, and it was a new combination of flavors that I was a fan of.

I'm not really a fan of the pricetag - I think it could've been cheaper, but it was good nonetheless. I also ordered a sweet potato cheesecake. Creamy and smooth, the cheesecake was good, but the flavors were slightly muted. It was also a tiny portion for $6. I would order the moussaka again, but the price for the cheesecake wouldn't warrant another order. My bill's total was $22.24, without tip.

Grade: B
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  1. Hey there. I just stumbled across your blog. Looks like you're doing a great job! Gives me something to shoot for. Check out my (fairly) new blog: www.allthingswings.net Follow and "like" it on facebook if you feel inclined! It's an Ohio Valley centric blog dedicated to hot wings. The truth is I just got knocked out of the 4th position on Urbanspoon. I was like, "what!?" So I had to see for myself who took the spot. Anyway... Candace Lately is pretty cool. I'm following!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much. Your blog looks excellent! Already following ;) That's great - I'm from the Ohio Valley. Wellsburg, to be exact. Right by Drover's Inn. Haha. Sorry to knock you out of your position, I didn't even realize. I'm excited I'm gaining cool followers like you, though!

  3. No worries on taking the 4th spot. You've certainly earned it! A little competition will make everyone even better. I like your "bucket list." I'm going to steal the idea (if ya don't mind)and add it to one of my pages. Probably on my "talkback/opinion" page. Not that anyone comments or talks back. I have a few comments...I just wish I could illicit more of a response from people. Plenty of page views...very few comments. I get a bigger response simply from the 27 followers my blog has on facebook. People seem a little more inclined to comment there. What are your experiences?

  4. Well thank you! And, glad you got some ideas =] I don't get many comments, really. But, in all honesty, I don't really put it out there much. It's only promoted on UrbanSpoon ... I'm hesitant to link it up to my Facebook or Twitter. I imagine on Facebook or Twitter, it's more convenient for people to comment instead of coming to a whole new page. People are all about convenience. My boyfriend also has a blog that he connects with his Facebook, and people tend to comment on Facebook more than his actual blog. Another option is taking the comments and posting them on your blog, as well so they're all aggregated in one area. Let me know if you find anything out, though, I'd love to hear it! =]

  5. Well, I too was hesitant to link my blog to my facebook. So I created a new, fake facebook account to which I could link my blog. (or "to link my blog to") My blog is linked to Tim Smith. Tim Smith is not me. It's a fake facebook account that I created to avoid being associated with my food blog. Basically, I did that to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

  6. I feel like it's definitely a big leap to attach your personal name with your blog. I have it linked to my website, I just don't promote it to my social media sites because I honestly don't feel like that audience is interested. The people who visit UrbanSpoon are more likely to care about what I have to say.


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