Princeton Edition: Kimono Japanese Seafood

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

FINALLY - I've been able to try this place out. Chris and I have been dating for almost two years, and we've only been here once. He wasn't thrilled with our first experience, before I started blogging, so we never went back - until recently, when I finally convinced him to give it another shot.

Located near Walmart, Kimono Japanese Seafood, I think, is probably one of, if not the, nicest restaurants in Princeton. It's a Japanese hibachi house, and it is always busy. It's not huge, by any means, but that has no bearing on the food.

When we walked in, we decided to not do the hibachi part and go for the dining room. It was fun, though, because the chefs were right beside us anyway. There wasn't a huge division between the dining areas like the other hibachi restaurants I've been to. So I got to check out the chefs' skills, too.

We took a few minutes looking over the menu, and I noticed the manager walking by us, lingering. I'm not sure why, but on more than a handful of times, he was hovering over us. Maybe we looked like hooligans, I don't know. But it was kind of bizarre.

After a few minutes, we were reading to order. And order, we did: a kimono roll, a salmon roll and two orders of the hibachi teriyaki chicken. First, some spring rolls were brought out with a huge bowl of yum-yum sauce. Spring rolls were light, crispy on outside. Pretty tasty. Next, we had a small salad with ginger dressing and some miso soup. I wasn't a fan of either of these. I never like the ginger dressing, and this miso soup was only lukewarm and was simply the broth. I like when there's a little mushroom or tofu in there.

The sushi came out next. Chris' salmon and cream cheese rolls were good. Basic, but fresh, and tasty. My roll consisted of a crab stick, avocado, crunches, tobiko on top with "special sauce." This, too, wasn't bad. The sauce was spicier than I was expecting, but it was tasty. Basic roll with a kick, and I was happy.

Soon after, we saw a little sliding panel to the kitchen open, set two plates of food on the tray and close. It was a cute little touch, and an easy way for the waiters to grab the food from the kitchen. Our plates of teriyaki chicken, with sides of rice and vegetables were delicious. The veggies nearly melted in my mouth, and my heaping helping of rice helped soak up some of the teriyaki. The chicken was a little on the slimy side, but that could've just been how they applied the sauce. With large portions, the price is a little more justifiable. I think our total came to $50. If it wasn't for the leering manager and salad/soup/texture issues, it'd be an A.

Grade: B
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