Princeton Edition: Tudor's Biscuit World

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I reviewed the Tudor's in Morgantown and found it to be average. They're actually on my "restaurant redemption" list, so I may review them again soon. I do this for restaurants that reach out to me and invite me back - of course I'm going to reward good PR. Since this is a WV chain, there are more throughout the state, including Princeton. I decided to swing through the drive-thru to get some biscuits!

Tudor's is right on Stafford Drive, and the building looks like a barn - not easy to miss. The drive-thru isn't visible from the road, but there's a sign that leads you around back. And there's some nice scenery, too. The large menu board has one speaker. Unfortunately, there's no screen to verify the person has taken your order correctly, but I didn't have any problems anyway. I opted for a Mary B and a Ron, as well as a pulled pork sandwich. I wanted to taste a few different options, and I knew Chris would be happy to have some grub, too.

I waited for quite a while. The woman helping me apologized a few times for the wait, but I really didn't mind. I wasn't in a hurry, and I was enjoying the weather. My total came to around $12, which is great considering I just spent half of that on one drink at Starbucks.

I finally got my food and trekked home. When I opened up the bag, I pulled out my small golden treasures: three yellow wrapped packages. I bit into the pulled pork sandwich and took a big bite - tangy, pulled bbq pork with creamy slaw on top. Quite tasty. I set it aside and unwrapped the Mary B, which has bacon, egg, and cheese. Bacon was crumpled all around the package, kind of like when you get a Big Mac at McDonalds, and it's like they dumped a head of lettuce outside of the sandwich.

I took a bite of the Mary B, and was pleasantly surprised. Since my last Tudor's visit, I had become aware of what was most popular - and it seems like people love the Mary B and Ron, which are the bacon egg and cheese biscuit and the sausage egg and cheese biscuit. The Mary B had a nice, buttery, flaky biscuit with crispy, salty bacon, melted cheese and fluffy, homemade egg. It tasted just like my dad used to make. Oh, and the Ron? Just as good, but with a hearty sausage patty. And I think the most telling part here is that I actually finished the pulled pork sandwich and the Mary B. The Ron was left for Chris.

I like Tudor's. I like supporting a WV business. Do I think their product is immensely greater than other breakfast establishments? No, but it's not bad.

Grade: B
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