Kentucky Derby!

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Kentucky Derby
Kentucky DerbyMy visit to Kayla was centered around the Kentucky Derby. Once in a lifetime, no? We crafted our giant hats, headed down to Louisville and got our bet on.

Kentucky DerbyI keep this blog as not only a chronicle of my adventures - mainly in West Virginia - but also to note fun places I go with friends, all the while centering it around food, which is a common gathering place in our culture. Really, I like to be able to document places I go with fun people and having fun times. The restaurants are just a portion of that and usually are just representative of a larger conversation or experience.

Kentucky DerbySo, my only review I can accompany with this trip is the mint julep. As soon as I got in, I bought one. It's bourbon, mint, sugar and water. And it's terrible.

But the races were just one giant party in the infield. A fun one.

Kentucky DerbyKentucky Derby

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