Fairmont Edition: Woody's Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Woody'sWoody'sNorth-Central West Virginia sometimes catches flak for being a no-slaw territory. Some hotdog establishments serve not slaw, while others charge extra for it. In southern parts of the state, it's a standard topping, so it's an abomination to think extra should be charged.

With that said, there are a few reputable hotdog joints in the area - Woody's being one.

Woody's is located on Morgantown Avenue in a small, white brick building.

Woody'sIt was last minute decision, and when we walked in, we realized they were closing in 11 minutes. It was pretty clear, save for the one man who walked in after us. Lucky, too, because there are only a few booths and a few stools. I imagine it can get pretty cramped.

Woody'sI ordered two dogs with ketchup, mustard and sauce. They're cash only. Within 30 seconds from walking inside, placing our order and sitting down - we received our hotdogs.

There was a generous portion of chili on the hotdog, blanketing nearly any indication that ketchup and mustard were there. The chili is good. I got mild, I believe. No bite, good flavor, with small chunks of ground beef atop a steamed bun and boiled hotdog.

The consistency of the sauce is good - lots of meat, a bit thicker sauce. Not runny. Overall, a pretty dang good hotdog.


Grade: A
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