Mountain Dragon Mazery

By Candace Nelson - 10:32 AM

Mountain Dragon MazeryMountain Dragon Mazery produces fine honey wines. Honey wines, or mead, are created in what is called a mazery. Mountain Dragon Mazery is located at 1516 Morgantown Ave. in Fairmont, and tours and tasting are offered by owners Tom Maltby and Ruthann Smith.

Mountain Dragon MazeryIt's easy to miss from the road, as the unassuming building has just one sign and a small parking lot in front. The welcoming couple offer tastings at the long bar area.

My friend Ben and I pulled up a stool and tried everything on their list: West Virginia Wildflower Honey Mead, Black Cherry Red, Black Cherry Blush, Cafe Monteverde Coffee Methyglyn, WV Tulip Poplar Honey Mead, WV Basswood Honey Mead, Ruthi's Rhodomel Rose Methyglyn and Morat Mulberry Melomel.

Mountain Dragon MazeryMountain Dragon Mazery

What do those words mean? As per their website:

  • Mead - historically a general term for any wine made with honey, and in modern usage a specific term for wine made only from honey, yeast and water.
  • Melomels - meads made with fruit and honey. 
  • Methyglyns - meads made with herbs or spices fermented in with the honey.
  • Rhodomel - a specific methyglyn: honey fermented with fresh rose petals. 
  • Morat - a specific melomel made from mulberries and honey.

Mountain Dragon Mazery
West Virginia Wildflower Honey Mead - Classic honey wine.

Black Cherry Red - Blends West Virginia honey and pure black cherry juice with a splash of green tea.

Black Cherry Blush - Blends West Virginia honey and pure black cherry juice with a splash of green tea.

Cafe Monteverde Coffee Methyglyn - Blends the couple's favorite shade grown Costa Rican coffee with West Virginia honey.

WV Tulip Poplar Honey Mead - One of the varietal honey special reserves. Dark and sweet, with a reddish tinge.

WV Basswood Honey Mead - One of the varietal honey special reserves. Basswood honey, produced from the fragrant blossoms of the basswood tree, is pale, spicy and peppery.

Ruthi's Rhodomel Rose Methyglyn - Made from West Virginia honey fermented with rose petals from the couple's tea rose. The final produce is a glass of summer's day, delicate and pleasing.

Morat Mulberry Melomel - Combination of honey and mulberry, balancing elegant fruit flavor with the broad notes of West Virginia honey.

Mountain Dragon Mazery

While we had tastings, we were riddled with tales of the mazery's beginning and other life adventures. The best part of all: The tasting, the fun stories and the education on what they do was all free. All of the wines were tasty, and I ended up going home with a bottle of the tulip poplar. Bottles are $12. They are CASH ONLY, but there is an ATM next door at the convenience store.

The mazery is open Thursdays from 4-7 p.m. for the tours and tastings. I believe you can also schedule tours by appointment. You can purchase their wines at Slight Indulgence in Morgantown. For latest updates, check out their Facebook.

More info:
1516 Morgantown Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554

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