Morgantown Edition: The Greeks

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

The Greeks Collage

The Greeks is a new restaurant located in the bottom of Beech View Place on Beechurst. A few others are set to open in that building, but The Greeks is leading the charge. A little more Greek food in my life? I'm happy with that.

First things first, don't do what I did and drive around hunting for parking. If you go to the bottom garage and on the side NOT closest toward Lavender Cafe - the other side - go there and park. Apparently when you eat at The Greeks, they'll give you a token to use, which I'm assuming will pay for your parking.

The GreeksInside, there is a menu behind the counter: potatoes, gyros, salads, souvlaki, platters, chicken and more. I went for a "gyro meat" gyro (lamb(, which comes with choice of spread, tomatoes, onions, parsley and fresh cut fries. I like that there is the rotisserie of meat in the back, and the folks working gave us samples of the spreads - a spicy cheese, hummus and tzatziki.

I love their spicy cheese! But I wanted the full gyro experience with the tzatziki sauce. The guys working were super helpful and eager to please. The gyro was so good. Fresh veggies, well-seasoned meat and a thick sauce. Definitely delicious. Best in town.

AND if you venture around to the back side of the restaurant, they have a little cafe with crepes and coffee. Plus a nice little view of the interview of the apartments, which is very nice.

The Greeks 2 Collage

The girls making the crepes were new and clearly not part of the Greek family on the front end. Instead, these are students learning. Which made my crepe turn out less than ideal, but I think they just need some more practice.

I ordered a sweet crepe with The Greeks Bougatsa Custard. Sounds good, right?

 The Greeks

OK, so the image is questionable. BUT it was good. It was like a cinnamon rice pudding sort of thing. There was just way too much, and the technique wasn't quite right. So it was a bit of a fail.

But the flavors were there, and I think I would give it another go.

Grade: B
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