Danville Edition: The Custard Stand

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Danville Custard StandI am a bit fan of lists. I like checking things off lists; I like complete collections. I have lists of lists.

I'm sure that comes as no surprise, as I've been ticking off things on the WV's 101 Most Unique Places To Dine list and the 55 unique things to do in the Mountain State list that are sometimes seen through this blog.

This prompted me to accept the personal challenge of trying all The Custard Stand locations. I've already been to a couple: Flatwoods and Oak Hill. And since I was driving up from Logan, I drove right through Danville - another Custard Stand location.

Danville Custard StandThe Danville Custard Stand is actually housed in an Exxon, but don't fret, as the restaurant actually has its own separate dining area. I think the folks who work the actual gas station also work the ice cream part, because there was no one around when I first walked up.

I looked around for a second until I saw a girl scurry over. I said hi! She half-heartedly smiled and just continued to stare at me, like "hurry up and tell me what you want." So I ordered a small chocolate cone. Easy enough, right?

I didn't love that she didn't use a glove or a napkin to hold the cone as she filled it with ice cream, as she was probably handling money at the cash register previously. But, hell, I've probably eaten worse, and this is ice cream we're talking about.

Danville Custard StandThankfully, it's still the same ice cream I know and love. Smooth, creamy, delicious. I know the Custard Stand is big on their chili, but I just ate three THREE lunches, so ice cream was the perfect finish.

Just three more to go after this: Elkins, Mannington and Webster Springs!

Grade: B
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