Huntington Edition: Midway Drive-In

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Midway Drive InJust a few more drive-ins to get through in West Virginia. And, a few of them are located right in the Huntington area. I've already been to Frostop (and tried hotdogs from the other drive-ins during the hotdog festival), but I hadn't been to many of the actual drive-in locations.

Midway Drive InMidway (West) Drive-In is located at 445 6th Avenue West. When we arrived around lunchtime, it was packed. Like, I wasn't totally sure where to park. As I was hesitating, someone pulled out, and I nabbed their spot up front.

Midway Drive InI hadn't had time to do appropriate research to find out what I wanted, and it seems that most folks who frequent drive-ins have a "regular" order, because the carhops don't bring menus. This is also the first drive-in I've been to where it was just all guys working as the carhops. So, I asked for a menu and quickly texted my good friend Chris to get his opinion on a few options he said would be good. Ultimately, I went with the smoked pork bbq sandwich. My cousin, Chelsey, went with the cheese fries.

Midway Drive InThe verdict: Pork bbq sandwich is good. It COULD have been a bit more tender, but the flavor was great. The french fries - the large crinkle cuts aren't my favorite. A bit too dense and could use an extra minute or so cooking to get crisp. But, overall, a nice lunch at a small pricetag.

Grade: A
Midway West Drive-in Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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