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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Max BrennerMax Brenner is known for incredible chocolate. Like, really decadent, indulgent chocolate desserts.

Max BrennerMax Brenner has two chocolate bars located in New Jersey and Maryland, and an additional three locations - Boston, New York and Philadelphia - also have the Max Brenner restaurant.

Max BrennerWhen we arrived at the restaurant, we found quite a lengthy wait. This was no surprise at this point ... everywhere in Boston you have to wait. Fortunately, the chocolate store is right in front, so I perused the chocolate offerings. Praline cream mixed with caramelized pecan? Yes, please.

Max BrennerWhen we were seated, it was fairly uncomfortable, to be honest. We were squeezed on this end when I was kind of hanging out in the walkway and would be brushed each time someone walked around that way - which was often. But, I tried to squeeze in as close as I could and hope I wasn't in the way too much.

Max Brenner
For my meal, I ordered the Really-Cheesy Crispy Chicken Mac & Cheese. The waffle sandwiches and pizza also looked tasty, but it's hard to pass up a macaroni and cheese. This was pretty good. It is a huge portion, which is nice, and the additional sauce and tomatoes on the side was necessary to punch up the flavor a bit. As long as you got a nice combo of each ingredient in each bite, it was good.

Max BrennerMax BrennerThen, of course, it was dessert time. Kaitlynn went with a crepe of some sort, and I went for the "S'more Concoction," which had milk chocolate mousse, topped with grahama crackers and marshmallow fluff and white chocolate. It was served with a flask of warm toffee sauce, caramelized bananas and a single graham cracker covered in milk chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

Decadent is one word that sums this all up. Sooo good. That giant bowl in the upper right corner is just milk chocolate mouse, marshmallow fluff and graham cracker. Spoonful after spoonful after spoonful ... a possible coma later, my tummy was very, very happy.

Grade: A
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