Boston, MA Edition: D'Guru Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

D'GuruWhile running some errands, Kaitlynn pointed out D'Guru Restaurant, an Indian restaurant and caterer she used to frequent when she lived on that side of town. She loved their kheer (something I love) and said how often she used to get it.

D'GuruI imagine what followed went something like:

Me: *looks at Kaitlynn*
Kaitlynn: *continues driving, looks at me*
Me: "We should try it!"
Kaitlynn: "Really? We are supposed to get dinner soon."
Me: "But I'm really hungry now. We can just get a snack?"
Kaitlynn: "OK!"

D'GuruSo, we walked in and looked over the menu briefly. There isn't really much of a dining space - I think one or two tables available. I think the main focus is on the catering, but they do have a full menu of options to purchase - chicken tikka masala, goat curry, paneer, samosa, pakora.

D'GuruI ordered a thing of the kheer, gulab jamun and veggie pakora - which really, is what I would order at every place if I wouldn't get ridiculous looks. Kheer, which had saffron and raisins, was delicious. It had a hint of different herb I wasn't familiar with. It was delicious. Gulab jamun was also very good. It was cold, so it was pretty firm. A little warmth would've helped loosen up the syrup and spongey cheese ball. Who knew fried cheese balls covered in a sugar syrup could be so delicious? Actually, that's a dumb question, of course that would be delicious.

D'GuruKaitlynn got some samosas, while I devoured my veggie pakoras. It was five pieces of fried spinach, onion, potato fritters served with chutney. They were so delicious and huge. A more manageable piece would've been welcome (and a little less grease), but still, good.

D'GuruGrade: B
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