Morgantown Eats Culinary Crawl 2015

By Candace Nelson - 2:30 PM

Culinary Crawl

Downtown Morgantown was full of people "crawling" from culinary destination to culinary destination Dec. 5 as Morgantown Eats hosted its second Culinary Crawl. The event, organized by a class in WVU's Reed College of Media, featured tasty samples from downtown Morgantown restaurants.

Culinary Crawl

This was the second year for the event, and there were some changes. First, patrons couldn't move freely from restaurant to restaurant at their own pace. Instead, everyone was placed into guided tours that led patrons from restaurant to restaurant on a schedule. And, along the way, they tried to incorporate a walking history tour of Morgantown with history of the buildings and places. Also, there were two separate tracks - the early track and the late track. Each featured different restaurants.

I took part in the early tour, which starts with three restaurants located inside the MAC (which receives the money raised from the event).

Culinary CrawlCulinary CrawlTable 9: Devils on Horseback - dates filled with pear, almond and goat cheese wrapped in bacon and drizzled with pepper jam. Bourbon hot apple cider.

Though I have had these mini bites at a few different gatherings at this point, I still love these little devils on horseback. They combine the salty/sweet flavors with crunchy and soft. The cider was good, too.

Culinary CrawlMorgantown Brewing Company: Burgoo Stew. Pepperoni Roll.

These were both good. The burgoo stew, which I've only just recently been introduced to, was very tasty, and the pepperoni roll was a nice Appalachian side (in lieu of cornbread).

Culinary CrawlCulinary CrawlCulinary CrawlSargasso: Warm pork belly brulee. Preston County buckwheat blini with smoked coho silver salmon. Cool, avocado terrine. Wine.

The pork belly brulee had this thick brown sugar coating that was just divine. The salmon bite was tasty, and the avocado terrine was simple, but good.

Culinary CrawlCulinary CrawlGarcia's Latin Market: Puerto Rican coffee. Warm churro.

This was a good little start to our tour outdoors because we got warmed up with a coffee and a nice, vaguely sweet churro.

Culinary CrawlApothecary Ale House & Cafe: Samples of Southern Tier 2XMas, Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale and Scaldis Noel.

It was nice to get a taste of each of these beers; I even came back to Apothecary later this evening and order the Southern Tier. Christmas in a glass.

Culinary CrawlHigh St. Pasta Co.: A meatball with sauce on warm garlic bread. Alfredo pasta.

This pasta was pretty tasty, and the meatball was much better than I had remembered. Might have to check out this place once more.

Culinary CrawlChico's Fat Burritos: Spicy pork and chicken paired with queso and chips.

This was really good. The barbacoa is top-notch, and I hadn't had this queso before. But I'm super glad I did.

Culinary CrawlTK's Fruit, Produce & Bubble Tea: Samples of bubble tea.

I had a green milk tea with bubbles, which was tasty. Bubble tea always confuses me a bit, because it's kinda confusing, really. But I'm starting to learn.

Culinary CrawlCulinary CrawlCulinary CrawlTin 202: Almogrote with farmhouse cheese made from scratch, paired with a baguette. Specialty bourbon cocktail.

I'm glad we ended on this note. The cocktail was a bourbon base will all these delicious flavors. These cheeses were straight heaven. Like, straight heaven. Smooth, creamy, with lots of herbs and spice. Perfectly buttered baguette. Just super good. I wanted seconds.

What were your thoughts on the tour? And who went on the second late tour? I'd love to hear about it! 

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