Boston, MA Edition: Boston Beer Works

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Boston Beer WorksWhile I took two weeks off (for the first time ever!) to visit Boston, my friend Kaitlynn still had to work for a portion of my visit. So, while I went to all ends of the city exploring, I made time to come back and join her for lunch near her workplace. For our Monday lunch, we headed to Boston Beer Works.

Boston Beer WorksIt was pretty empty when we arrived, which was nice. I first looked over the beer menu, which is large. They had a few seasonals, in addition to their "trademarks" and specialty beers. I had a hard time deciding. Pumpkin works? Boston Red ale? Oh, Bunker Hill Blueberry - that's the one!

Boston Beer WorksSomething light with fruity notes was so perfect for lunch. For my meal, I figured a burger would be a smart way to go. Beer and burgers = heaven. I went with the Beer Works Classic Burger, which came with lettuce, tomato, and I added cheddar cheese.

Boston Beer WorksThis was a solid burger - not the best burger (there's a lot of competition in that arena). But, it was a solid, flavorful burger. The bread could have been a touch fluffier - I felt like it may have been going stale, and the meat could have used a bit more herbs/spices. But I'm truly splitting hairs here. It was better than average - but not the best ever. Solid B territory.

Boston Beer Works

Grade: B
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