Milwaukee, WI Edition: Comet Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Comet Cafe

Comet Cafe is one of the weirder restaurant experiences we had while in Milwaukee.

Comet Cafe

We read of its hipster environment and bangin' vegetarian (and more) food, so we headed thatta way. But when we arrived, there was no host to greet us. Instead, there was a sign that said on that particular day, half the seats in the restaurant are reserved for an event and to sign your name on the sheet of paper to be in line for a seat. OK.

Comet Cafe

We signed our name and waited. And waited. And waited. There's literally no place to wait. The door opens right into the dining area, so it was super awkward and uncomfortable to just be standing right in front of these diners. Eventually, a server saw us and basically told us to just sit in the one empty table that was available, as though that was the obvious choice ....... if we knew we could just sit wherever - despite what the sign said - I would have done that before the painfully awkward standing around. Sigh.

Comet CafeWe were seated super, super close to a couple on a date and another group of very loud, excited individuals. Are you getting that the environment here left something to be desired? It didn't start off on the right foot, and it had a hard time coming back from that. The, food, however was the saving grace.

Comet Cafe

We ordered two entrees (because we couldn't decide) - the mac & cheese: "Made-to-order creamy mac and cheese. Need we say more? Yes we do! We cover that with even more cheese and broil it" and the compact turkey dinner: "Beer-battered, fried balls of slow-roasted turkey, sage stuffing, cheesy mashed potatoes with country gravy and vegetable of the day." Each entree came with a soup or salad. Tony got the soup of the day, and I got the tomato soup.

My tomato soup was tasty - but it was even better paired between bites of the macaroni and cheese (literally one of my favorite combos). This macaroni and cheese, I kid you not, is one of the best ever. It was super creamy, cheesy and just slightly crisp on top. It was rich and delicious. That + the tomato soup together? Heaven.

Comet Cafe
The fried turkey balls were also quite good. It was a bite of Thanksgiving all in one bite. Little turkey, little stuffing, little mashed potatoes, battered, fried and floating in a pool of gravy? There's literally no way that couldn't be good.

This table was full of amazing comfort food in an - ironically - not super comfortable environment.

Grade: B
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