Austin, TX Edition: Whole Foods Market

By Candace Nelson - 5:00 PM

Whole FoodsSo, I know it's a little ridiculous to write about Whole Foods, but hear me out.

Whole Foods1) We have none in West Virginia.

Whole Foods2) It's the flagship store for the company.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market has proudly served its hometown community in Austin, Texas since 1980! Our Flagship store is located in Downtown Austin at the corner of 6th Street and North Lamar Blvd. Like all Whole Foods Market stores, we are committed to selling the highest quality and largest selection of organic products available on the planet. Our passion for quality doesn't stop with the products we sell. Only the best for our guests! Thank you for choosing to shop with us at Whole Foods Market!
Whole FoodsWhile I'm a big fan of my personal Kroger - and even more so of local groceries - it is interesting to see what folks like Whole Foods are doing.

Whole FoodsThey had so many bars - there was a mochi bar, there's a huge dessert case including macarons, there were candy bars where you could fill up a bag full of whatever chocolates you wanted, and so much more prepared foods.

Whole Foods
Depending on the size and location of the store, our Prepared Foods departments can include a deli, an ethnic restaurant, burger joint, neighborhood diner, Parisian café, pizza joint, BBQ shack, sushi or seafood bar, raw foods bar, taco bar, salad bar, sandwich bar, olive bar and wine bar.
Whole Foods
I'm pretty into grab & go options. I'm constantly on the go so making big meals is not feasible for me. So, I love the idea of these bars where you can get a salad or a mediterranean meal or freshly roasted coffee beans.

Whole FoodsIt definitely all comes at a price, though.

Whole FoodsEither way, cool to see the Whole Foods of all Whole Foods.

Whole FoodsWhere's your favorite place to shop?

Whole Foods

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