Cincinnati, OH Edition: Allez Bakery

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM


Allez Bakery was not on my planned itinerary. Rather, it was along the walk we were taking, and I thought the name was cute, and it had a little sloth mascot, so we went inside.

AllezWe all need encouragement. It took lots of it from Tom’s wife and friends to stop riding bikes every day and get to work baking. Allez Bakery is what happened when he took all the best parts of his friends and applied years of baking in Cincinnati to starting a bakery that would provide for the community. We focus on making sourdough bread, and sandwiches wrapped to go. Allez!

AllezThe bakery has fresh-baked loaves of bread.

AllezAnd some really lovely fresh-baked pastries.

AllezI got this focaccia, chive, cheese piece of heaven, and I still dream about it.


It was savory and cheesy and amazing. I recreate it in my mind daily. I can't wait to get this one again!

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