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By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Anderson’s Corner - Robert F Pliska

When searching for wines, I would see the name "Robert F. Pliska & Company Winery" come up, but I could never find much information. I had emailed the only email I could find, and they said I could possibly get my hands on a bottle at Anderson's Corner in Romney, as they don't really produce anymore.

Anderson’s Corner - Robert F Pliska

I was dying to add it to my collection, and I dug until I found just two bottles left at this Romney shop. I bought one for my mantle. But then I wanted to dig to find out more about the winery. Here's what I've been able to find:

Anderson’s Corner - Robert F Pliska

Unlike larger wineries, Pliska uses old-fashioned, craftsman techniques to create its Mountain Mama apple wine, other fruit wines and semi-dry table wines. For many years the winery has been helping to support an onsite home for handicapped adults - West Virginia Off the Beaten Path, 7th: A Guide to Unique Places
Robert F. Pliska Winery was founded in 1975 by Robert F. Pliska and R. Elizabeth Haley-Pliska. Robert was a management philosophy professor and held a master's in enology, while Elizabeth had been a healthcare professional. Together they decided to found a winery with a distinctively Mediterranean style. According to The New Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia, Pliska has "shown the most potential" among West Virginia wineries. The popular award-winning 160-acre winery is actively involved with handicapped individuals. A portion of its proceeds benefit Homes for the Mentally Handicapped. And its wines have been served in the American Embassy in Paris. 
White Wines:
  • Aurore - a semisweet, light white wine. Grapy. Nice
  • Ridgerunner Gold - off-dry white table wine.
Red Wines:
  • Foch - medium-bodied, classic red. Nice fruit. Good finish.
  • Ridgerunner Red - off-dry, medium-bodied red.
Fruit Wines:
  • Mountain Mama - semisweet, golden apple wine. Good aroma and taste. Nice - East Coast Wineries: A Complete Guide from Maine to Virginia

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