Fairmont Edition: Wildflour

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Wildflower WV

Wildflour has been an amazing food truck in the Fairmont area and recently opened a brick-and-mortar space in town.

Wildflower WVSet with picnic tables and colorful umbrellas, the building is so cute and quirky.

Wildflower WVInside, there are booths around the dining space and tables in the center. There's a long list of specials as soon as you walk in and more on the back chalkboard.

Wildflower WVI ordered the "Bleu and Gold Forever" from Comfort Foods, which is homemade shells and cheese with buffalo chicken, and bleu ranch drizzle, along with a side of fresh fruit.

Wildflower WVThis dish has some great flavors going on. To kick it up even another notch, I would have this much warmer, weed out some of the chewier pieces of chicken and double the amount of green onion. That really brings out some more notes of flavor! Yum.

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