Hurricane Edition: Halfway Market

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Halfway Market

I've been to the Halfway Market in Milton.

Halfway MarketBut I didn't realize they had a second location in Hurricane.

Halfway MarketSo while in the area, I stopped in to check it out.

Halfway MarketHere's more about the market from their website: "The Halfway Market was established in 1970 by Boyd and Betty Meadows. It was originally a produce market, however over the years it has evolved into a market of specialties. Not only is there a large selection of fresh produce, we also carry Amish jams and canned items, Amish furniture, and Amish cheese. We also carry quilts, handbags, fudge, dried fruit, trail mixed, bulk spices, bulk foods, homemade apple butter, Amish made sorghums, and honey. Don’t forget to check out the great greenhouse that is stocked with perennials, and seasonal annuals."

Halfway MarketThere are lots of produce, like apples, oranges and more.

Halfway MarketAnd there are lots of canned goodies - like chowchow, pickled eggs and more.

Halfway MarketPlus lots and lots of candy.

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