Morgantown Edition: Istanbul Restaurant

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Istanbul Restaurant
A new Turkish restaurant opened in Morgantown recently.

Istanbul Restaurant
Istanbul Restaurant is located along Patteson Drive and serves a large menu full of classic favorites.

Istanbul Restaurant
As I was perusing the menu, the owner gave me a taste of baklava and another sweet treat that I didn't catch the name of.

Istanbul Restaurant
Wow - both were sweet and delicious.

Istanbul Restaurant
That made me want to sample more. So I went with a sampler appetizer and a sampler entree.

Istanbul Restaurant
The sampler appetizer came with ezme, hummus, tabbouleh, shaksuka, dolma, babaganos, tzatziki and piyaz.

Istanbul RestaurantAnd then the combo dinner had chicken gyro and lamb gyro.

Istanbul RestaurantSo I took these back, and my mom and I had a little feast.

Istanbul RestaurantSince the restaurant didn't have all the items in stock, we substituted a few items.

Istanbul RestaurantBut the lamb and chicken were both delish. And I loved the rice and salad, too.

Istanbul RestaurantEach of the appetizers was tasty, too.

Istanbul RestaurantAnd, I particularly liked the eggplant dish.

Istanbul RestaurantJust wish we had pita for everything.

Istanbul Restaurant

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