Ripley Edition: I Scream Sundae

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

I Scream Sundae
A horror movie-themed ice cream shop opened in Ripley, and it's making quite a name for itself.

I Scream SundaeI Scream Sundae has a number of over-the-top sundaes themed around many horror movies.

I Scream SundaeAnd I'll take a second to say, I'm really squeamish with gross stuff - blood, hair, etc. I will eat really weird foods - but the gross stuff grosses me out. So I was cautious.

I Scream SundaeBut they truly have a wide range of ice creams.

I Scream SundaeYou can do just scoops of ice cream with tasty flavors like pumpkin, cotton candy, peach and more. 

I Scream SundaeAnd you can do regular sundaes with those flavors of ice cream.

I Scream SundaeBut the over-the-top sundaes are where it's at. For example, there's the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with strawberry ice cream, chocolate icing, broken glass (aka jolly ranchers), strawberry donuts and strawberry syrup.

I Scream SundaeAnd I went with "Children of the Corn," which is a caramel shake in a bowl of popcorn, pecan and coconut icing, popcorn ball, candy corns and drizzled in caramel syrup.

I Scream Sundae

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