Weirton Edition: Theo Yianni's Authentic Greek American Cuisine

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Theo Yiannis

Theo Yianni's is a Greek restaurant in the Northern Panhandle that has a great following.

Theo YiannisI've been to their previous location, but I hadn't been to the new one near the hospital so I made a trip to get food for my mother and me.

Theo YiannisMy mom went for a gyro with greek fries.

Theo YiannisWhereas I went with a Greek salad - with crumbled feta cheese - and a house dressing.

Theo YiannisAnd there's gotta be rolls with an olive oil. For me entree, I went with a Greek pasta that had feta cheese, shrimp, spinach, and tomato.

Theo YiannisFor dessert? Rice pudding!

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