White Sulphur Springs: The Greenbrier - Cafe Carleton

By Candace Nelson - 3:00 PM

Cafe Carleton

Cafe Carleton is a luxury spot with premium wines and spirits at The Greenbrier.

Cafe CarletonThis late-night cabaret space features singers and other entertainment.

Cafe CarletonAnd the food options include caviar, oysters and charcuterie plates.

Cafe CarletonSome friends and I went to check it out.

Cafe CarletonFirst, we were served up some white truffle popcorn.

Cafe CarletonThen, I looked over the drink menu.

Cafe CarletonAnd I went with the "Spice Creme de Nuits," which has a banana nut-infused spiced rum shaken with rum chata and dash of coconut cream. It's finished with a dusting of nutmeg.

Cafe CarletonIt was this milky drink that is not typically something I would go for, but it was fun.

Cafe CarletonAnd, the charcuterie plate: Our Chef’s Favorite Cheeses and Charcuterie From Around the Globe Including Cured Meats and Paté, Pickled Vegetables Served with House made Ice Box Crackers Cheddar-Cornmeal and Gruyere-Thyme Melba Toast, Membrillo, Fresh Fruit Whole Grain Mustard and Chutney

Cafe Carleton
And, we finished off the evening with a waltz and champagne toast.

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