Great Wall

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Great Wall is one of the most popular delivery/take-out Chinese places in Morgantown. I think it's because of its convenient location on High Street, because the food isn't overwhelmingly great. It's not bad, but it's not enough for me to name it my favorite Chinese place.

I ordered from Great Wall not too long ago just because my go-to, China One, was closed this particular day. I was feeling some delivery, so I hopped on I called three times before it finally got through. Since the phone was busy, I was expecting a long wait time. I was pleasantly surprised that my wait was only 45 minutes. A knock on my door, and a plastic bag with a smiley face enveloped a brown paper bag full of Chinese delights.

A large plastic container contained half breaded chicken pieces and half pork-fried rice. I prefer white rice, but pork-fried is the default and I forgot to mention otherwise. A small container filled with sweet and sour sauce and an eggroll accompanied the combination platter. I also ordered a side of crab cheese rangoons.

The breaded chicken breast wasn't bad, but it mostly tastes like the breading - grease. The sweet and sour sauce is fairly runny and not bursting with flavor. The pork-fried rice taste like the same greasy, fried batter. The same can go for the crab cheese rangoons. I could barely taste the cheese - I just tasted the greasy outer shell. My mouth was coated with this grease that made everything I ate from this place taste the same. It was heavy, but that's partly my fault. Next time I'll order a chicken and sauce entree or something with veggies. I thought the sweet and sour sauce would help offset all the breading, but it didn't have much flavor either.

The best part of my meal, though, was the eggroll. It was perfect. The outside was golden brown and crispy, and the inside was light with delicious veggies. I usually skip over eggrolls when given the option, but Great Wall's are the best.

The price was reasonable: $16 for everything, including delivery tip. And I'm sure a lot of college kids wouldn't have the aversion to grease that I've developed. In smaller amounts, it wouldn't be so bad. I definitely need to switch it up next time, though.

Grade: C
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