Pittsburgh, PA Edition: Taj Mahal

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

I'm just going to start off by saying that the Taj Mahal is the best Indian food I've ever had. Ever. It's located in Pittsburgh, so maybe that has something to do with the quality. But if you're ever in that area, this is a must-dine. When you come back to, say Morgantown, it's like a whole different world. Not that I don't enjoy the Indian cuisine in town, but this is just on a different level. In a good way. They claim their spices and fruit have something to do with it.

A few friends and I wanted to get some Indian food after Holi Hai, a fun Indian festival. The Taj Mahal was the only logical answer. This place has a huge, huge menu that you can order from. But we always get their buffet because it's amazing. Monday through Friday lunch buffet is only $9, and Saturday/Sunday is  $10. Dinner buffet is from 11-3, and it's only $12 on Monday and Thursday.

We seated ourselves at a table, and the waiter brought us over waters, then we were on our way! This place has it all: Chicken Tandoori, pakoras, samosas, naan, curry, tikka masala, korma, gulab jamun, etc. Usually when I go to Indian buffets, I try a little of everything that I think I'll like and narrow it down from here. Everything I tried here was AMAZING. I have been here one other time, and it was delicious, but I have tried so many other Indian places that simply haven't lived up to Taj Mahal yet.

The food is always cooked perfectly, tender, moist - no over-spiced, dry food here. It's all perfect. The tikka masala was creamy, the kheer was sweet and delicious, and the samosas were lightly crispy on the outside and tasty.

When I went to pay, I saw they have numerous awards hanging up on the wall, which only drives my point home that they're the best in the area. They even have a special dessert case that you can have wrapped up to go.

Grade: A
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  1. I haven't been to Taj Mahal, but there's no shortage of good Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh! All India and Tamarind, both on North Craig Street in Oakland, and Coriander in Squirrel Hill all are very good. If you're in Monroeville (suburb) India Garden is excellent. They all have buffet at least at lunchtime.

    The ones I DON'T recommend are Yuva India and Prince of India, both in Oakland.

    1. Mmm that all sounds good. I'll have to check all of those out!!


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